Animal Nepal organizes workshop on casting and downer cows

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9 May, 2015– Among the greatest animal needs after the deadly earthquake are broken limbs and ‘downer cows’, cows that were pulled out of the rubble but for various reasons cannot stand up. That is why Animal Nepal on Saturday organized a hands on workshop at its office Dhobighat. Trainers Dr Springer Browne and Ben Brown from World Vets prepared a simple protocol for casting in English and Nepali. They also prepared one for downer cows in English and Nepali.

The objective of developing the protocols was to enable professionals to carry out these life saving procedures independently and conduct follow up support. This protocol was made to assist local and foreign veterinarians working in animal disaster relief to best treat this condition, given the cultural aspects of cattle in Nepal.


The enthusiastic participants of the workshop were our own team, independent vets, veterinarian students from various colleges of Nepal and representatives of international animal welfare foundations like IFAW, WVS, Soi dog foundation Thailand and Dog Star Foundation Sri Lanka.


During the workshop Dr. Springer Browne demonstrated the limb fracture cases in animals and ways to treat them with the help of a polythene pipe. The participants were divided in various groups and encouraged to prepare a perfect cow or buffalo cast. According to Dr Browne, “Cattle are considered good orthopedic patients. They spend large amounts of time sitting down, they tolerate casts and other external orthopedic devices, and they have good bone healing capacity.  However, with the use of any casting material, recheck and follow-up of the patient is essential.”


Animal Nepal has been working in various earthquake affected areas where the teams have treated sick and injured livestock with the support of volunteers from World Vets and various Indian NGOs. There are still many injury cases and countless animal bodies that are left buried inside the rubble, the reason for which Animal Nepal recently released a protocol for the safe disposal of carcasses too. Animal Nepal continues to organise these lifesaving workshops for medical staff ready to go out into the affected districts.

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