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At Animal Nepal we aim to be a voice for the voiceless. Since a few months we are supported by Nepal FM at 91.8 MHz which has gone ON AIR for those who can’t speak for themselves. With the encouragement of Animal Nepal, the station has been broadcasting a unique radio reports on animal welfare issues as part of its weekly ‘Samaya Samikchya’ programme since February. Are you too concerned about animals? Then tune in this Tuesday at 7 pm and Wednesday morning at 7 am to  Nepal FM.

Samata Samickchya is  is aired every Tuesday evening at 7 or 7.30 pm with a brief introduction (3-5 mins) into a hot animal related topic followed by half an hour radio report on the same topic on Wednesday morning (7 am- 8 am). The report is supported by interviews from resource people who can be an animal activist, a government officer or any member of the general public.

Till now the programme has included some important topics regarding animal welfare like:

-Humane dog population management

-Animal Nepal Chobar Animal Treatment Center

-Animal Welfare Law in Nepal

-Animal Transport Standards 2064

-Animal welfare status in developing nations

-Working animal conditions in brick factories

-Revision of Veterinary Council Act

-Unhygienic slaughter houses, cruelty and effects on human health

Animal welfare has always been a less talked about issue in our country. There are many reasons why animals are off the media menu. One is that human issues are considered more important, especially after the earthquake. This assumption leads to a lack of compassion. But knowledge and exposure can change this. Hence, Nepal FM aims to reach out to as much people as possible and make them aware of animal suffering and solutions to welfare issues.

Nepal FM 98.1 MHz welcomes all animal lovers and members of the public to take a stand and express their opinions on the programme. There are many more issues coming up, so stay tuned!

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