Animal Nepal recommends Livestock Kit to aid and relief agencies

Livestock kit (2)Kathmandu, July 5 – Animal Nepal has created a list of contents for a comprehensive Livestock Kit which is being shared with aid and relief agencies. During the earthquake relief period, the kit will helps farmers to improve the health of their animals, and make sure their basic needs are met. After the earthquake most farmers consider livestock support a priority. Animal products are not only a source of protein but also essential for ploughing, portering, manure production, and a source of credit.


Image John Skuja

Post earthquake the following needs are identified:

  • Treatment of injured and sick animals
  • Feed / seeds and information for fodder production
  • Vaccination and worming
  • Information to prevent zoonotic diseases
  • Resilient shelter

Animal Nepal recommends the following to aid/relief agencies:

  1. Connect farmers to existing livestock services (government and technicians/Village Animal Health Workers)

(Please note that services have been disrupted and farmers often can no longer pay for services)

  1. Provide Livestock Kit to improve well being of animals
  2. Support resilient shelter construction

Animal Nepal collects and shares model resilient shelter designs. Often all farmers need is an extra tarpaulin and some building materials like wire and nails to build a

The Livestock Kit contents can be downloaded here.

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