How does it feel to get all the attention? Buddy: “Simply priceless!”

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14 August, 2015-  When Buddy and friends at Animal Nepal Donkey Sanctuary knew that students from Lavender Pre-school were about to pay them a visit, they just couldn’t wait anymore. Buddy, who thinks that he is the most handsome mule in the sanctuary, took the responsibility of welcoming the guest. In the afternoon 37 students along with 9 staff members from Lavender Pre-school reached the sanctuary and they were just amazed to be surrounded by so many rescued animals.

At first the kids were quite nervous and scared with our donkeys and mules but after Luv and Kush came nibbling towards them the kids thought that they were so funny and they were just trying to play with them. Later on they became used to with our animals and they even fed Buddy and other equines at the sanctuary.

The kids were stunned to hear about the condition of these amazing animals in the Brick factories and how they are abused and made to overwork. “We believe that through these kinds of interactions, we are helping

these kids develop compassion and respect towards all the animals. It’s necessary that we teach our children how humans, animals and nature are interlinked and how one cannot exist without other. Because there’s no doubt about it, they are the future.” says Chadani Lama, Communication Officer at Animal Nepal.

The visit was actively oriented by Dr.Atish Yadav and Suraj Thapa, Program Manager at Animal Nepal. Dr.Yadav briefed about the types of equines in our shelter like donkey, horse and mule and how to differentiate them. While Buddy agreed to volunteer in the session, Dr.Yadav demonstrated how their grooming is done and how the tools are used to trim their hoofs. Buddy thoroughly enjoyed the manicure. The children also enjoyed petting Buddy. Buddy undoubtedly was the hero of the program.

“The level of curiosity in these kids was just overwhelming. They raised questions on the survival of these animals, the value of their life and other really innocent but considerable questions. We were fortunate to teach them animal behavior and animal health etc. With that enthusiasm I am pretty sure that they will apply what they learned, in their behavior” adds Program Manager Suraj Thapa.

After the brief session on the animal behavior and health the students were taken to the felid where our equines graze in the afternoon. We also showed them what types of feeds they are given. “Our program was designed to make the children think about the animals and make them curious to learn more on them. Once the impact is there they will go on their own and do the research which will ultimately make them more and more aware on the importance of existence of these animals” says Dr.Yadav.

We highly appreciate teachers and staff members of Lavander Pre-school who thought that besides their basic curriculum and sports, these children should also be taught love and compassion. What a wonderful consideration, Lavander! On behalf of our animals and staff, a huge thank you for such a precious visit!

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