Happily Ever After!

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Kathmandu, September 11, 2015 – Our most talked-about 3-legged earthquake survivor Siddhi finally found a home we so desperately wanted for her. “Ama Ghar” located in the midst of greenery which has been providing home for underprivileged children of Nepal welcomed Siddhi to its family of more than 50 children.

Siddhi, was rescued by Animal Nepal from the rubble of a building three weeks after the earthquake. She lost a leg in the process. But otherwise, she is happy and healthy – a loving new pet for the children, who were overjoyed to welcome her because they lost their young white dog Seti earlier this year. As you can see by the photos, Siddhi is enjoying all the attention and the children are so kind and sweet to her – this promises to be a wonderful relationship and a good ending for all.

When Animal Nepal met Siddhi few weeks after the earthquake she was limping along the road at Harisiddi. We found her front left leg completely broken with a terrible wound on her neck too. Her broken bone was sticking out of her wound and we could only imagine the level of pain she was enduring. While inquiring we got to know that Siddhi was pulled out from the rubble of a collapsed building 3 days after the earthquake. Sadly, no one informed us about her plight and we only found her 3 weeks later.

She was then taken to Chobar Animal Shelter. Dr Sunil Thapa found that Siddhi’s metacarpal bone was exposed and the radius and ulna fractured is various places. Shiddhi had to be amputated. He amputated her leg and treated the large wound on her neck. Even in such a pain she would greet anyone coming towards her. She managed to jump and dance with her 3 legs when someone brought yummy bowl of food for her. She was a total bundle of inspiration for us.

Many thanks to Animal Nepal – specifically Dr. Pranab Joshi, Chadani Lama and Lucia de Vries for nursing Siddhi. We are so glad you finally made it home, Siddhi!

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