Tika, Mala & Some Woofs in Return!

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Kathmandu, November 10, 2015– The most awaited day of the year “Kukur Tihar” finally arrived as a beautiful moment in our gloomy crisis days. Animal Nepal this year too invited dog lovers to worship rescued canines at its Chobar Animal Hospital. And to our surprise we witnessed good numbers of dog lovers despite of vehicle and fuel crisis due to an ongoing blockade.

The Kukur Tihar programme started with a lovely speech from AN’s Founder President Pramada Shah who expressed her deep concern about pet abandonment. We were delighted to see people bringing their kids who had some curious eyes for our shelter dogs. Followed by a pleasing thank you speech from our Director Uttam Kafle, finally it was time to worship our dogs who were loosing their patience over yummy breads and eggs. Visitors offered blessings with tika and mala to our rescued dogs. 

The event also featured a “Donate a Blanket” corner where the visitors donated some warm blankets to help sick and injured dogs get through the winter ahead. Some of our visitors also donated dog foods.

This year has been extremely difficult for Nepal. Animal Nepal was encouraged to see how most people treasure their pets no matter how bad the situation, be it the earthquakes or the ongoing blockade. On the auspicious day of Kukur Puja, Animal Nepal honored these pet owners and encouraged them to consider their pets as family members and never abandon them. Partly due to the fact that many pets got lost after the earthquake, Animal Nepal this year has taken care of an increased number of pure breed and senior dogs. Some were abandoned by their owners when they got sick or old.

Pet abandonment is a problem all over the world. Dogs abandoned on the street face a difficult life, as they are not used to live in packs and search for food. Most of them are sick to begin with, and suffer greatly without their support system. Few people are ready to adopt, foster or sponsor an abandoned pet, especially the elderly ones.

“We have a humane culture in which we worship animals including dogs but how are these animals which is respected one day be neglected the next?,” asks Uttam Kafle, Director at Animal Nepal.

Animal Nepal believes that a dog literally is ‘man’s best friend’ and a part of the family. It is not a toy to play with when it is cute and tossed away when it grows up. If the pet becomes sick the owner should take it for treatment as they would do to with human family members.

The organization also encourages people to adopt an ‘all in one’ local dog, instead of buying a pure bred. Animal Nepal believes local mixed breeds are just as handsome, clever, funny and lovable. When handled well mixed breeds tend to be very healthy as they carry strong genes and are well adjusted to local conditions.

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