Animal Nepal launches Lalitpur dog population survey report


It’s official: 2793 dogs live on the streets of Lalitpur’s Sub-Metropolitan City area. Animal Nepal today published the findings of its detailed dog population survey to carefully measure the outcomes of its ongoing Humane Dog Management Programme. “The survey’s findings give us the confidence that we can bring a lasting chance in the lives of Lalitpur’s dogs,” says Director Uttam Kafle.

The organization in 2014 signed an MOU with the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) authorities and committed itself to reach at least 75% coverage of female dogs spayed and neutered in LSMC’s 22 wards.

To support this goal, Animal Nepal in March 2015 conducted a population survey of the roaming street dog population of 22 wards of LSMC.

The total population count from survey was corrected by using Chapman method (p=1.78) derived from Mark-Resight experiments. The total number of dogs counted was 1569. Using the Chapman method the number was adjusted to 2793.

It was found that Ward no. 15 with 316 dogs has the highest dog population (counting owned, community and street dogs) while Ward no.6 with 12 dogs has the lowest dog population. According to the findings, Ward number 8 had the highest number of Free Roaming Street Dogs.

Of the counted dogs 53% were female and 45% were male. Of 2% the sex could not be confirmed. Among the female dog population 9.4% was found to be lactating females whereas 2.6% was pregnant.

28.9% of female dogs were spayed with an identified ear notch and 44.7% remained unspayed. Among the male dogs 0.5% was found to be castrated. Out of total dog population 42% were marked as an adult male dogs while 47% were an adult female dogs. 4% of them were male puppies and 6% of them were noted as female puppies. In the adult dog population 0.7% remained unidentified and similarly 1.2% puppies remained unidentified.

Among the surveyed dogs, 49% dogs were Free Roaming Street dogs of city whereas 43% were Free Roaming Community Dogs and 7% Free Roaming Owned Dogs.

Sincere thanks and appreciation goes to Animal Nepal staff Santosh Gautam, Suman Khadka, Mohan Maharjan, Sunil Thapa and Suraj Thapa. Also a big thank you to committed volunteers Raghu Aditya, Pushpa Dhungana, Ajeeta Pandey and Ravee Tandukar.


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