Thank You TDSUK for your Recent Visit to Animal Nepal!

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Kathmandu, February, 2016- Animal Nepal was privileged to receive a lovely visit from the high level team of The Donkey Sanctuary UK in February 2016. We are extremely thankful to Christian Purdey, Julia Smith and Dr. Nataasha from TDSUK for making this visit every worth a while.

The monitoring visit of TDSUK not only marked their visits to the brick factories but also to the Ministry of Livestock Development. Animal Nepal’s president Pramada Shah, AN director Uttam Kaphle along with the team TDSUK handed over reports of our work to the Livestock Development Minister. Since, the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Livestock development now operates separately in Nepal with the formation of new government, Animal Nepal believes that this is the best time to work towards animal welfare acts in Nepal. Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Livestock used to work under same programme “Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development” before. Animal Nepal not only briefed about the importance of welfare act for dogs and donkeys but for overall animals of Nepal. Thanks to Julia and team from TDSUK who supported us in every way possible.

The team also had a memorable visit to 2 brick factories of Lalitpur, Om Shree No.1 and UK Brick factory, where they observed a health camp along with our hard working equines at work. TDSUK carefully examined the loading and unloading of brick from working equine, their walking routes and other aspects of HANDS. Animal Nepal team were highly motivated by such an encouraging visit from TDSUK.

The visit followed a meeting with BCN (Brick Clean Nepal) and Dr. Natasha’s visit to Gorkha as part of our Mountain mule assessment programme. During the visit to Gorkha, Dr. Natasha and AN team had a fruitful meetings with Mule Association of Gorkha and equine owners. TDSUK team promised to visit us again with a lovely evening visit to Patan Durbar Square.

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