For The People and Animals of Badikhel

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Badikhel, May 2016- With 54 sterilised and 70 vaccinated dogs, CNVR camp (Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release) at Badikhel turned out to be a big hit at the beginning of this month. 25 km from Kathmandu, Badikhel is a beautiful village at Godawari Municipality where lies our Donkey Sanctuary all green and happy with 25 lovely equines rescued from brick factories of Kathmandu Valley. First CNVR camp at Badikhel was conducted on November 2012 by Animal Nepal in cooperation of HART (Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust) where the camp sterilized 118 dogs. Second camp was a huge need for local people after dog population of the place rapidly increased and dog biting case was no new to people and us.

“A regular camp must be organized in villages like Badikhel as people are always abandoning their pets around these areas. Beside birth control camps, the community must be educated on the importance of ABC and that it is the ultimate and humane solution to dog population control.” explains Dr. Atish Yadav, Veterinarian of Animal Nepal.

He adds, “The most difficult situation occurred during the catching of dogs when community people were not allowing us to take their dogs for spaying. And it is extremely difficult to convince the local village people as they are extremely attached to their animals. Change definitely takes time, but when they will see happy and healthy dogs in their community in few months’ time or a year they will learn the intention behind our programme.”

Masini Shrestha, our care taker from Donkey Sanctuary at Badikhel was recently bitten by a local dog. She says, “I have seen so many aggressive dogs in last few months in Badikhel and most of them are mother dogs. I was bitten by a mother dog at a vegetable shop nearby. Lucky, (Masini’s dog at donkey sanctuary) was also extremely aggressive before she was spayed but now she is so playful, active and welcoming that we don’t need to chain her anymore. I have learned the importance of spaying. It is not only important to dogs but also for people”

The newly built isolation unit of our donkey sanctuary turned into a surgery room where AN vets Atish Yadav, Sunil Thapa and Krishna Kumar Yadav carried out their surgery for 3 days. Assisting them were our dedicated technicians Santosh Shrestha and Kushal BC. Our special thanks goes to our dog catching team Mohan Maharjan and Ram Chandra, the real multi-taskers of Animal Nepal. Kudos to the Programme Coordinator Kapil Kafle and whole team of Animal Nepal who worked it out despite of less resources and extremely hot weather. Thank you for saving lives at Badikhel!

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