111 Dogs Vaccinated at Chobar village and Jalbinayak camp!

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Kathmandu, July, 2016– As part of our annual vaccination programme, this quarter our team vaccinated 66 dogs at Chobar village and 45 dogs at Jalbinayak, Manjushree Park Chobar. Our “Chobar Rabies Free” camp was organized with the objective of providing vaccination to all dogs at Chobar. The team was supported by an enthusiastic group of children and a number of adults. Besides vaccinating 111 dogs from these areas, many dogs were treated against the skin diseases. After we welcomed 2 dedicated vet technicians this July to be part of our team, our vaccination camp became very successful. Animal Nepal would also like to thank the local people of Chobar who were so caring towards their community animals and very much supportive towards our programme. Thank you team and thank you Chobar. See you next year!

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