Meeting with ECTAD, FAO on Publication of LEGS Handbook

legs-2nd-edition-cover-compressedKathmandu, October, 2016– Representatives from Animal Nepal recently organised a meeting with National Programmed Director of ECTAD, FAO in the month of October 2016. Since FAO had carried out LEGS training program in Nepal, we assumed it would be appropriate to make a handbook based on LEGS study. Since it was a comprehensive research on how to take care of animals especially livestock during natural disasters we thought it would be very useful for the stakeholders. Nepal being in an earthquake prone zone and has suffered immensely in the course of the 25th April 2015 disaster and the next big concern that the country is facing is of glacial eruption, it is imperative that a handbook is taken out and handed out to the necessary stakeholders who in turn can educate themselves on how to better handle their livestock during moments of crisis.

Taking this into account, we deemed it advisable to seek permission to be able to come out with the handbook. The director advised that the permission has to come from Practical Action itself after which the necessary email was sent to the Practical Action office in UK. After the necessary permission is acquired Animal Nepal intends to publish and distribute the hand book.

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