Micro Finance Training for the Equine Users Group at Nepalgunj

0-02-03-76935263c49ac7922d60468baa880b38e404bd259ee0e7d509265605b05293ef_fullNepalgunj, September, 2016– Animal Nepal on September organised a small training on the importance of micro finance to the equine owners of Nepalgunj. The training was conducted by Surendra Dip karki, an entrepreneur from Nepalgunj.

The brick season in Kathmandu runs for only half a year and the owners return back to Nepalgunj after the end of the brick season. In Nepalgunj they spend remaining time of the year in local tea shop where they spend minimum of 100 rs a day. That way they are able to save a very little money out of their work. The major intention behind this training was to change this attitude of the owners and make them understand the importance of saving.

Despite the fact that they earn quite well form the equine business, they are not able to provide a good education to their children. They are still dependent on the loans or advance money they burrow from the traders. When they take loans and advance money, they are forced to work only on that brick factory assigned by their traders where they get very less money and facilities. The only way to get rid of loan and other financial crisis was to start their own saving. Surendra even demonstrated the value of “togetherness” through a game where the owners were kept in a circle holding each others hand.

“The meaning of a TEAM is ‘Together We Can Achieve More’. If a person starts filling coin in a pot, it will take much time for him to fill the pot and in the meantime he may want to use that coin for unnecessary things and that way he will never be able to achieve his financial goal. But if 10 person starts to put coins in a single pot, it will take no time to fill it. So this is all about togetherness and a TEAM. Now since an Equine User Group has been officially registered we want them to work together and we also want them to earn together”, says Surendra dip Karki.

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