Registering Equine User Group and Initiating Micro saving Programme for Equine Owners at Nepalgunj

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Nepalgunj, October 2016– We strongly believe that human welfare and animal welfare are interconnected and based on this theory, Animal Nepal team went to Nepalgunj to support the equine users group in best possible ways. We realized that their poor socio-economic condition is the root cause of animal abuse. Besides equine business is the least respected business in their community. To change this, Animal Nepal registered an equine user group and also initiated a micro saving programme for them which will be further supported by AN each month. We aim to conduct a rapid community education programme for equine owners and handlers under our project year 2017 to make ever lasting changes in the lives of both human and animal.

The Equine User Group was registered at The DLSO of Nepalgunj during our visit in the month of September. Since the equine business is one of the least respected business in Nepal and mostly run by “Kasagar Communities” the owners still struggle to maintain their dignity in their community. Hence, by registering an Equine User group, the owners felt much more empowered and secured.

Since Animal Nepal is based on Lalitpur, it becomes quite difficult for us to reach individual owners in our visit to Nepalgunj. Hence, such group will give us access to more trainings and education session in future where we can include almost all the owners from Nepalgunj. Furthermore, such group will help them learn to work in a team and will give a “we” feeling in their community.

Besides, Animal Nepal also provided micro credit training to the owners and opened a joint bank account for their group at Citizen Development bank Nepalgunj branch.

According to the micro saving programme initiated by Animal Nepal, the seed money will be provided in the account by AN and the owners will then collect and deposit a certain sum in the bank. “This will not only make them financially secure but they will also get that urge to save more money each time. The saving they generate will help them in their child education, marriage and many other important things in their life”, says, Uttam kafle, Animal Nepal Executive Director.

During the off season of brick production, the equine owners return to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu brick Factories where they spend most of their time idling around in a local tea shop. Few of them get engaged in other business like Tanga and Buggy. Another area where they get involved is the in pottery making, the positive side is that even the women of the family are involved in this area which is very rare in the case of equine business. Animal Nepal in the long run aims to empower the community by helping them in their part time business such as pottery etc.

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