Easing the Lives of Pharping Dogs and People!

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Kathmandu, December, 2016– Just before Christmas, Animal Nepal team went all the way to Pharping and Dhakchinkali to spay 64 dogs by organising 3 days Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release camp. During the CNVR camp, Animal Nepal’s food and accommodation was taken care by the Chatral Rinpoche’s monastery in Pharping. Rinpoche especially well known for his advocacy of vegetarianism has ransomed the lives of thousands of animals in India and Nepal and the legacy is hold by rinpoche’s daughter Saraswati who takes a lead in saving life of hundreds of goats every year before Dashain festival begins in Nepal. The goats are rescued and released at Helambu open hill area with care takers. A two surgery rooms were provided by Tribhuvan Adarsha Higher Secondary School, one of the oldest school at Pharping village.

With the aim of increasing people’s awareness about humane dog management and creating healthy, happy dog and human population at Pharping, Animal Nepal In March 2012 conducted a Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) program with the kind support of local authorities and community people in which 52 dogs were spayed and vaccinated. Animal Nepal believes that by conducting a CNVR camp in every two or three years in the village will make sure the dog population does not further increase and stays healthy. Besides, we were also receiving many request calls and messages to conduct such camps in the area from the local communities.

Pharping tends to be overburdened with dogs which are left behind by visitors, who believe dogs will have a better life here as monks and nuns tend to feed them. What most visitors do not realize is that the outskirts of Pharping are visited by leopards at night, who prey on small and weak dogs. Added to this is the fear of rabies. Rabies is a major public health concern in Nepal. An average of 25,000 people receive rabies post-exposure treatment and more than 100 people die from rabies each year in Nepal.

Animal Nepal believes in involving the communities in our programme and we also encourage local people to provide information about needy dogs in their areas and also help during the catching process. Hence, the CNVR camp, apart from conducting ABC and AR programme in the area, also aims to introduce a community awareness raising program. Most of the community people in Nepal are still found to be using human contraceptive injections on the dogs as animal birth control resulting in deadly uterine diseases and worst of all the injections are given by veterinary practitioners themselves. We also educate communities on the importance of Animal Birth Control through our CNVR brochures and the owners are educated about responsible pet ownership by distributing dog care booklets and related information.

After the area was divided according to the working area map of Pharping, a pre community education programme was conducted before catching the dogs where education materials were distributed in the community and people were made aware about the importance of spaying and neutering. A survey was done where a total of 155 dogs were counted in the area. The following day a team of dog catchers went into the area and th female dogs were caught from a previously identified area by using nets or trap cages and catch poles. The sex, color and approximate weight and age are noted down as well as the area of catching. Each spayed and neutered dog were given an ear notch and a collar (when available) before release to the location where they were picked up from for future recognition. The next morning the dogs were examined for any post-operative complication and given anti rabies vaccination. After checkup and recovery they were released in the area from where they were picked up.

Animal Nepal would like to thank Chatral Rinpoche’s Monastry, volunteers and many other kind individuals from Pharping and Dhakchinkali who made this CNVR camp a huge success!

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