Educating School Students for a Better Tomorrow!

Kathmandu, December, 2016– At Animal Nepal we believe, education is the key. Since animal welfare is an evolving concept in our country the community and especially the kids still needs to be educated about its importance and long-term impact. Schools from Kathmandu are often invited to our treatment center and sanctuaries where they learn about the programmes and the issues of stray dogs and other animals. This way most schools in Patan are already introduced to our Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies programme and the suffering of stray dogs in general. However, we aim to make it bigger and better by taking our school education programme to a whole new level in coming days. To make this possible we conducted education programmes in two different schools of Pharping and Lumbini during our CNVR camp in the area.

During the course of the CNVR camp at Lumbini, we got an opportunity to spend an afternoon with 150 lovely students from Karuna Girls School. We were pleased to see the interest and excitement amongst the students regarding our work. Animal Nepal Founder President Pramada Shah spoke to the students and encouraged them to become an “Animal Protector” of their community.

“They are scared of dogs. Children pick up stones as soon as they see a dog because they grew up seeing their elders do that. We need to change this! The stray dogs in Nepal are in dire need of help and there is no arguing on this. We need a very strong programme to address the stray dog problem of our country. School education is much needed as kids are the future and people are really not aware that dog is man’s best friend. Hence, we need to remove their pre conceived ideas and feed a better picture of animals in their head”, says President Shah.

Another school education programme was conducted during a CNVR camp at Pharping. More than 60 students from Trivuban Adarsha Higher Secondary School gathered for a better education on animals and their welfare. AN Executive Director Uttam kafle and Programme Manager Kapil Kafle described the work done by Animal Nepal in helping animals at Kathmandu. He shared some success stories where when abandoned and sick dogs where given timely treatment along with love they made remarkable recovery. The students were awe inspired and impressed by the recovery of ‘Victor‘ one of our shelter dogs at Chobar Animal Treatment Center who suffered from posterior paralysis and now a loving dog of his community people at Bhaisepati.

Further more, the kids were also taught about a responsible pet ownership. Often they are unaware of animal abuses that are taking place at their own homes. In Kathmandu every next house in a locality have a pet dog. Some people even keep up to 3 or 4 dogs in their home but only few of them are a responsible pet owners. Nepalese people still lacks knowledge on how to take care of their pet dogs and they teach same thing to their children. Hence, to change this, we have been educating owners and their children about responsible pet ownership by distributing dog care booklets and conducting various education sessions in schools. We have also made available a number of educational materials on our website for the students and pet owners.

In our educational campaign our major focus remains on teaching the students about the five freedoms of animals and why we should not violate them. We also encourage them to act on their own and if they discover cases of animal abuse we provide them with a helpline number for an immediate response.

In 2017, school education proragmme will remain on our top priority list and to achieve this we plan to cover 12 major schools in one year inside and outside Lalitpur. Education about pet ownership, information on waste management and ethical issues related to cruelty etc needs to disseminated for a better tomorrow of animals and people.

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