“Preventing Illness” Through a New Isolation Unit Setup!

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Kathmandu, January, 2016– With a kind support from Mayhew International, our new isolation unit is finally complete. For a treatment center like ours who rescues and treats no less than 1000 dogs every year, an isolation setup was vital for the prevention of illness in animals.

Our isolation ward consists of 10 kennels which have a separate room for mange, cancer dogs and dogs with other communicable diseases. The kennels are built in such a way that they are easy to clean and disinfect. Special ventilation system has been applied in order to help control spreading of diseases. The care takers and shelter workers are provided with gloves and boots which they can use while cleaning the area. Furthermore, the area will be disinfected on a regular basis to help prevent potentially infectious diseases.

The building also has an examination room where the rescued dogs will be diagnosed firsthand before shifting them to their respective kennels. The dogs in our isolation unit will receive intensive care from our vets and staff on a regular basis. The isolation unit also work as an”quarantine area” which is extremely important for dogs who are simply being observed to be sure they are healthy before they are released back to their own communities.

Under Animal Nepal Humane Dog Management Programme, we often rescue and treat sick or injured animals at our treatment center who cannot be treated through mobile clinics or who needs much care and attention. And after the complete recovery of the dogs they are released back to their communities. But due to the lack of proper isolation ward, we had always been facing problems with the contagious diseases that were taking lives of even the healthy animals. By building a new isolation unit we hope to minimize the spreading of such illness. We hope that the death rate will eventually decrease at our shelter and more lives will be saved.

Thank Mayhew International for your kind support!

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