Enjoying the programme on a sunny day on grassy terrain!!

Lalitpur. March 2017-

On a warm Saturday on 25th March, Animal Nepal Equine outreach team reached Bolbom Brick kiln at Aarubot, Lalitpur district to conduct an educational programme for equine owners and equine handlers.
At the Bolbom Brick kiln, there are 36 equines, with three equine owners and 21 handlers looking after the equines.
Equine owner Tara Shrestha had come from Lalitpur, while Akhil Kasgar had come all the way from Nepalgunj and Hanif Shekh from Babajung, India.
Animal Nepal Program Manager Kapil Kaphle briefed the owners and handlers regarding the educational/awareness programme and the benefits of the programme.
The participants were very interested. They realized that a healthy equine would be beneficial for everyone’s individual interest.
Tara Budhathoki, vet technician of the Equine Outreach Programme, discussed about equine health care and basic treatment. She explained that by providing substantial food, drinking water, adequate rest time, and proper shelter would definitely result in better performance by the equines. She further explained all the methods in detail which were quite effective. The Educational programme was informative, educative and beneficial.

Equine owner Hanif Shekh explained that Animal Nepal’s support has always been consistent and continuous in the field of equine welfare. Unlike, last time when we had to conduct the similar programme inside a donkey shed due to rainy weather, this time we enjoyed doing the programme in the mild sun outdoors on a grassy ground. We found that the participants were responsive and equally enjoyed the awareness campaign. The team distributed Ludo kits to the equine handlers.
Animal Nepal team member Communication Officer Nirmal Sharma and Para vet Mana Nepali were also present and talked about equine management and healthcare. We are empowering equine owners and handlers so they can work on betterment of their animals.

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