AN’s special World Donkey Day

May 8th, 2017 is a very special day for Animal Nepal as we celebrate World Donkey Day.

We celebrated this event at our shelter in Godavari with much enthusiasm and love; did you know according to Hindu mythology, a donkey represents goddess Sitala Devi. We have 23 rescued equines at our shelter enjoying their retired time.

On this occasion we worship these lovely, furry, young and old equines by putting red tika on the forehead and feeding them their favorite food. Some of our horses and mules like Hella, Mox, and Buddy take advantage of the day and grab some yummy carrots and cabbage along with other donkeys. Our entire team thoroughly enjoyed feeding them.

According to AN Vet Dr. Atish Yadav, “Every year we celebrate this day, as these equines have gone through hardship, which makes this day all the more special for them”. Vet Sajana Thapa, Para Vets Tara Budhathoki, Santosh Gautam and Mana Nepali, care taker Santa Bahadur Shrestha and Masini Shrestha did a great job organizing this lovely day for our equines.
Our Godawari Donkey sanctuary looked more beautiful with our equines enjoying themselves. These furry friends have found a new lease of life and with the support The Donkey Sanctuary UK. Our residents are also supported by individual sponsors through Animal Aid Abroad, Australia.

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