Anti-rabies vaccination camp at Dhapakhel

Lalitpur, 2nd March, 2017 – As part of our annual vaccination programme, this quarter, our team vaccinated 60 dogs ( 44 male and 16 female) at Dhapakhel and in parts of Hattiban area of Lalitpur district. Our Humane Dog Management Programme was organized with the objective of providing anti rabies vaccination to all the dogs in the above said area.
Animal Nepal program manager Kapil Kafle, veterinarian Krishna Kumar Yadav, vet technician Gautam Khetri, Kushal B.C, volunteer Trishna Shrestha, dog catcher Mohan Maharjan, and assistant Ramchandra Shrestha worked hard for a full day at the camp.

The team was supported by an enthusiastic group of local people. Besides vaccinating 60 dogs from these areas, many dogs were treated for various other skin diseases.
Our vaccination camp was very successful. Animal Nepal would also like to thank the local people of vicinity who were very caring and kind towards animals in their area and were extremely supportive towards our programme. A big thank you to the Humane Dog Management Programme team and especially to the local community for making the programme a huge success.

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