Animal Nepal is a leading animal welfare organisation based in Lalitpur, Nepal. We are an enthusiastic team of campaigners, educators, vets, paravets and caretakers. Animal Nepal was established as a non-profit company in 2004 and got registered as an NGO in 2009.

Please find our detailed organisational profile here.

AN believes that through awareness-raising and practical interventions, widespread animal cruelty can be gradually reduced, and that Nepal can ultimately become a model country for animal welfare in the region.

Animal Nepal’s work focuses Stray Dogs, Working Equines and Working Elephants. We run two centres:

  • Chobar Animal Treatment Centre
  • Donkey Sanctuary

Animal Nepal is known for its national campaigns in the areas of inhumane treatment of dogs, working animals and wildlife as well as issues related to livestock transport and slaughter and urban greenery. We conduct awareness campaigns among school students and media representatives.

Animal Nepal contributes to improving the conditions of animals in Nepal through the following objectives:

  1. To support a well-functioning animal health and well being industry.
  2. To conduct animal welfare education and campaigning.
  3. To initiate and support stray animal community-care programs

Animal Nepal’s working area

Animal Nepal works in Lalitpur District and the southern part of Kathmandu District (see map).

Map Patan1

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