Meet our Founders


Lucia de Vries , Founder, is a Dutch journalist and communication consultant who has lived in Nepal since 1992. Together with friends Jessy and Maria Rai, Roselle Prisno and Jiggy Gaton, she founded Animal Nepal as a non-profit company in 2004. After teaming up with social activist Pramada Shah, the organisation spread its wings and Animal Nepal was registered as an NGO in 2008. Lucia handed over her responsibilities as a Volunteer Director in 2015 and now acts as an Advisor. A student of Peace Studies, Lucia’s interests include animal welfare, human rights and oral history. She is a founder member of Face and FaceSunbird Publishers and Animal Welfare Network Nepal. Lucia lives with three rescued strays, Bobby, Chalky and Bhangi.  Check out her blog here.

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