‘Save the dogs of Pharping’ spays and vaccinates 76 dogs

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76 dogs spayed and vaccinated. Ten sick or injured dogs treated. That was the outcome of the ‘Save the Dogs of Pharping’ programme, a Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) programme focusing on Pharping, Dakchinkali and nearby villages. Community members, including Shedra members, donated Rs 71,000 to support the camp.

For the first time Animal Nepal organised a CNVR camp at its shelter in Chobar. Normally such camps are held within the community. The advantage of doing the surgery at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary was that more dogs could be spayed and treated in a short time, due to the presence of stronger support team.

Four dogs from Afaldol were found to have eye problems due to cancer or cataract and were kept for treatment.

Paravets Hari Krishna, Shankar,Tara and Radika helped the Chobar staff members Ishwori, Hari, Mohan, Rabin, Sangita. The surgeries were conducted by Surendra, Sushma, Sudeep and a number of volunteer vets.  Animal Nepal likes to thank the team and Norbu Kalden and Lisa for coordinating the fundraising.

Animal Nepal and HART conduct CNVR camp in Badikhel and Godavari

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Badikhel/Godavari, November 23, 2012 – 118 dogs ‘fixed’; 5 sick dogs rescued; many more treated: hundreds of pet owners and community members educated. Those were among the outcomes of a Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release and Monitor (CNVR-M) camp organised by Animal Nepal, in cooperation of Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART), in Badikhel and Godavari.

Badikhel and Godavari, like most other settlements in Nepal, suffer from an overpopulation of dogs. Local canines tend to suffer from skin problems and traffic injuries, while people often have a fear of rabies.

The staff of the two organisations worked very hard to improve the conditions of both dogs and people in the villages. The team was supported by UK veterinarians Dr Russell Lyon and Frances Coles and a number of Nepalese volunteer paravets and vet students.

Animal Nepal and HART sterilized and vaccinated 94 females and neutered 24 males. Among these were 2 pet dogs.

The surgery was conducted in four tents which were put up in the compound of Animal Nepal’s Donkey Sanctuary. The donkeys certainly did not mind having many dogs and people around!

Animal Nepal would like to thanks its donors Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Mayhew International and Humane Society International as well as HART team, the volunteers and everyone else who contributed to the success of the camp.

The full report can be read here.