Animal Nepal recommends Livestock Kit to aid and relief agencies

Livestock kit (2)Kathmandu, July 5 – Animal Nepal has created a list of contents for a comprehensive Livestock Kit which is being shared with aid and relief agencies. During the earthquake relief period, the kit will helps farmers to improve the health of their animals, and make sure their basic needs are met.  More

Survivors of the Turmoil


Santa Bahadur, caretaker at Animal Nepal’s Donkey Sanctuary pampering Maneka, one of the surviving donkeys.

“We wanted to run outside but could barely stand. My wife and I somehow managed to escape. Outside, the sick donkey’s isolation room collapsed in front of our eyes, followed by the tall chimney of BBM Brick Factory.” Santa Bahadur, who is in his late 60s, works as caretaker at Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary. Like all of us, he was deeply shaken by the earthquake that hit the country on April 25. He shares his experience with communication officer Chadani Lama.  “I never saw such turmoil in my life”, he recounts. Click here to learn more of Santa Bahadur’s experience and update of our Donkey Sanctuary. Wanna learn more? Then watch this video of the heartrendering accounts of paravets Tara and Hari Krishna.

Animal Nepal organizes workshop on casting and downer cows

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9 May, 2015– Among the greatest animal needs after the deadly earthquake are broken limbs and ‘downer cows’, cows that were pulled out of the rubble but for various reasons cannot stand up. That is why Animal Nepal on Saturday organized a hands on workshop at its office Dhobighat. Trainers Dr Springer Browne and Ben Brown from World Vets prepared a simple protocol for casting in English and Nepali. They also prepared one for downer cows in English and Nepali. More