Earthbag Building completely intact after earthquakes

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Earthbag is an affordable and earthquake safe building method for Nepal, says Animal Nepal. The animal welfare agency was pleasantly surprised when its earthbag/adobe shelter did not sustain a single crack during the earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May.

The concept behind the eco-friendly shelter was to offer an alternative to using ‘blood bricks‘, because of the inhumane situations in the brick industry. Coordinated by programme manager Suraj Thapa, overseer Norbu Kalden and engineering student Stefan Klaseboer, the building  was constructed using the earthbag and adobe technique. Read a detailed report on the construction of this unique shelter by Stefan Klaseboer here.


Animal Nepal recommends Livestock Kit to aid and relief agencies

Livestock kit (2)Kathmandu, July 5 – Animal Nepal has created a list of contents for a comprehensive Livestock Kit which is being shared with aid and relief agencies. During the earthquake relief period, the kit will helps farmers to improve the health of their animals, and make sure their basic needs are met.  More

Relief agencies: don’t forget the animals, whether dead or alive

lubhu3Animal Nepal today calls on all relief agencies to include animals, especially livestock, in its rescue and relief operations. “Make sure to carry lime (chuna) whenever you go out to affected areas. Disinfecting carcasses is a priority to stop the spread of deadly diseases”, says co founder Lucia de Vries, who says supporting surviving livestock is generally regarded a priority by disaster victims.

Animal Nepal developed tips for the safe disposal of carcasses in English and Nepali.