Kudos to Animal Aid Abroad Australia tour group!

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At the start of the year the Animal Nepal team was pampered with the visit of  a team of volunteers from Animal Aid Abroad Australia (AAA). The eleven enthusiastic AAA members came with the purpose of getting to know Animal Nepal better and donating lots of useful medicines and special equipment, including a microscope. More

Voices of Animals at Planet Nepal 3

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Kathmandu, November 1, 2014– Animal Nepal was able to make a remarkable presence on the Planet Nepal 3, the festival of arts & environment. The main aim of the participation was to make people aware about the role of animals.  It was the exhibitions of portraits of animals from our shelter, mostly by photographer and designer Nirmal Rana, with their added voices that drew the people to the stall. More

Music event raises Rs 65.000

The music event ‘For the love of dogs’ raised no less than Rs 65.000. The concert, organised by Shristi Shrestha and friends, featured Joint Family International, Subhani Moktan, Prajwal Mukhiya and Dev Lama, Axata Singh and The Say Project.

It was quite a crowd that joined the event. Shristi introduced the evening with a poem and an introduction to Animal Nepal and Mankind for Animals. During the break a documentary featuring animal rights campaigners Pramada Shah, Santosh Khatiwada, Manoj Gautam and Lucia de Vries was shown.

The concert was held at the Attic Bar, and supported by the Jazz Conservatory and Gorkha Brewery. 30% of the proceeds were handed over to Mankind for Animals. Thank you everyone involved!

Children raise funds to help stray dogs

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Animal Nepal is delighted to get support from Help Save Street Dogs, an initiative by 9 year old Michelle and her friends. The children have been feeding stray dogs since many years. Last year they started selling selling handicrafts for sick and injured strays. The income, close to Rs 8000, was handed over to Animal Nepal.

Michelle was inspired by her love for her dog, Luna. Her friends Hennie, Maren, Medha, Kioni, Hridyendra, Christoph, Ayushma, Carmen, Claire, Ellie and Ivan joined efforts to increase sells and raise funds. They opened memberships to HSSD for which members had to pay a monthly fee. Some class kids sold mini books with stories they wrote and illustrated; notepads which they cut, decorated and stapled together and sold.

Well done, HSSD members, and a big THANK YOU for supporting the suffering dogs at our shelter!

Walk for Nepal, also for its animals!

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During this year’s Walk for Nepal, organised in Dallas on October 20, 2012, some participants will walk for needy animals back home. The organisers of this annual event are ‘Nepal ko Yuwa’, a global Nepali youth movement. The Walk for Nepal (“WfN”) campaign was initiated in 2011 to bring people together and support one great cause – Peace for Nepal.

The Dallas team members suggested to include animals in this year’s walk. “No matter how advanced the country is or literate the people are, animal abuse still exists.  Animals deserve to live a life free of torture and abuse just like humans,” they say.

We want to thank Nepal ko Yuwa for this wonderful initiative and request all NRNs out there: walk for Nepal, both for humans and animals!

Books for a cause @ Chai Chai Cafe

Chai Chai Cafe in Jhamal, Pulchowk, recently opened a small second hand book shop inside its premises to benefit Animal Nepal. Cafe owners Sailesh Bhatta and Shizuyo Shimmei are artists and animal lovers, and long standing supporters of Animal Nepal.

The small book shop is the first venue to buy second hand books in Patan. Animal Nepal is delighted with the initiative and requests you to visit the bookshop. You are allowed to read the books over an excellent cup of capuchino. Consider buying a book to enjoy a good read and benefit the animals in our care. Do you have unwanted books? Make sure you hand them over to Chai Chai or leave them at our office in Ekantakuna.

January 23 – Garage Sale for a Better World now a monthly event

Animal Nepal/1905 restaurant’s first Garage Sale for a Better Planet, organised on January 7, was a big hit. We managed to raise Rs 17,000 for needy animals. That is why we have decided to turn it into a monthly event,  held always on the first Saturday of the month.

As far as we know our monthly Garage Sales for a Better Planet are the first of such kind in Nepal. The term Garage Sale stems from the fact that traditionally in the USA these events were usually held in a garage or carport.

The event was born when Animal Nepal got donated a house full of second hand items. We used some of them for our shelters and volunteer room but realized there was still a lot left. When we talked to Shobha Rayamajhi, who is a board member at Animal Nepal, she offered to help us organize a Garage Sale at her restaurant, 1905 in Kantipath. We combined it with 1905’s Saturday Farmers’ Market, when a lot of people visit the premises.

Everyone is welcome to sell his or her goods at the sale. Renting a table costs Rs 100 and participants are requested to donate 10% of their income to Animal Nepal. If someone wants to donate second hand items to Animal Nepal, our volunteers will offer these items for sale.