Books for a cause @ Chai Chai Cafe

Chai Chai Cafe in Jhamal, Pulchowk, recently opened a small second hand book shop inside its premises to benefit Animal Nepal. Cafe owners Sailesh Bhatta and Shizuyo Shimmei are artists and animal lovers, and long standing supporters of Animal Nepal.

The small book shop is the first venue to buy second hand books in Patan. Animal Nepal is delighted with the initiative and requests you to visit the bookshop. You are allowed to read the books over an excellent cup of capuchino. Consider buying a book to enjoy a good read and benefit the animals in our care. Do you have unwanted books? Make sure you hand them over to Chai Chai or leave them at our office in Ekantakuna.

January 23 – Garage Sale for a Better World now a monthly event

Animal Nepal/1905 restaurant’s first Garage Sale for a Better Planet, organised on January 7, was a big hit. We managed to raise Rs 17,000 for needy animals. That is why we have decided to turn it into a monthly event,  held always on the first Saturday of the month.

As far as we know our monthly Garage Sales for a Better Planet are the first of such kind in Nepal. The term Garage Sale stems from the fact that traditionally in the USA these events were usually held in a garage or carport.

The event was born when Animal Nepal got donated a house full of second hand items. We used some of them for our shelters and volunteer room but realized there was still a lot left. When we talked to Shobha Rayamajhi, who is a board member at Animal Nepal, she offered to help us organize a Garage Sale at her restaurant, 1905 in Kantipath. We combined it with 1905’s Saturday Farmers’ Market, when a lot of people visit the premises.

Everyone is welcome to sell his or her goods at the sale. Renting a table costs Rs 100 and participants are requested to donate 10% of their income to Animal Nepal. If someone wants to donate second hand items to Animal Nepal, our volunteers will offer these items for sale.