Donkey Sanctuary India provides valuable training to Animal Nepal staff

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How to make saddles that do not create wounds on donkeys? How to educate equine owners in a participatory manner? These and many other questions were addressed in a recent Donkey Sanctuary India training programme. Animal Nepal’s equine outreach members Dr. Atish Kumar Yadav and vet technician Hari Krishna Shrestha returned with fresh energy and knowledge.


World Rabies Day celebrated with vaccination camp

Patan, 28 September 2012 – Animal Nepal today, on World Rabies Day, vaccinated over 60 pet and community dogs as part of a comprehensive programme to eradicate rabies in Lalitpur district.

At the mobile clinic at Patan Durbar Square,  a few hundred community members were educated about rabies prevention and pet care. Apart from conducting vaccinations, Animal Nepal’s team rescued and treated sick and injured five dogs.

The mission of World Rabies Day is to raise awareness about the impact of human and animal rabies, how easy it is to prevent it, and how to eliminate the main global sources. The tools and technology for human rabies prevention and dog rabies elimination are available.

Animal Nepal in 2009 introduced an Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies programme in Lalitpur district. “Due to neutering and vaccination the stray dog population becomes rabies-free, non-breeding and non-aggressive, and it gradually decreases over a period of time,” said veterinary manager Dr Surendra Basyal.

A hairless dog’s makeover

We are happy to announce that Fluffy is fully recovered. The aging stray dog arrived in our shelter in February, suffering from an advanced stage of mange. Fluffy had become as bald as a coot and was badly malnourished.

Skin diseases such as these are rampant among Nepalese dogs. It takes a lot of patience to cure them. Slowly but surely Fluffy’s hair grew back, and she became less grumpy. Fluffy now sports a thick coat of beige hair and feels at home with the other three permanent residents at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary, Nana, Sumi and Lassie.

Animal Nepal launches Mobile Response Team

Kathmandu, August 1, 2012 – Today Animal Nepal launched a Mobile Response Team which will reach out to sick and injured stray animals in Lalitpur district. The team consists out of Dr Sushma K.C. and vet technician Rabindra Sapkota. The team will focus on education, treatment and rescue. We warmly welcome the new team members!

Animal Nepal from the beginning has been conscious to avoid institutionalisation of animal welfare by educating and involving communities as much as possible. We  organise weekly education camps and monthly health camps for stray and pet dogs. These camps increase communities’ awareness and involvement.

In 2012, Animal Nepal, together with local communities, pioneered Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) in Pharping and Harisiddi. We now are now committed to conduct spaying and vaccination in mobile camps in close collaboration with communities. Similarly, with a bit of help, sick or injured stray animals can often be taken care of by the community itself.

The mobile team will build strong linkages with communities and provide essential stray and pet dog care information. The team will provide a quick response to phone calls from concerned community members and design an effective response to individual cases. The programme is supported by Mayhew Animal Home.