Donkey Sanctuary UK team goes local!

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19 March, 2015– Animal Nepal this month was honoured to receive a visit from a high level team from The Donkey Sanctuary UK. The purpose of the visit was to observe Animal Nepal’s Working Equine Outreach Programme and discuss further collaboration. The DSUK team consisted of Stephen Blakeway, Julia Smith and Dr. Ramesh Kumar. More

Donkey Sanctuary India provides valuable training to Animal Nepal staff

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How to make saddles that do not create wounds on donkeys? How to educate equine owners in a participatory manner? These and many other questions were addressed in a recent Donkey Sanctuary India training programme. Animal Nepal’s equine outreach members Dr. Atish Kumar Yadav and vet technician Hari Krishna Shrestha returned with fresh energy and knowledge.


‘A donkey is not a machine’

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When the Animal Nepal team recently reached Kantipur Brick Factory and found that sick ‘brick donkeys’ were kept together with healthy ones, they immediately rolled up their sleeves. Together with the equine owners, they build an isolation unit.  The team were able to treat over 16 equines suffering from saddle wounds, hoof problems, dehydration, skin problems and/or undernourishment. More

Kudos to Animal Aid Abroad Australia tour group!

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At the start of the year the Animal Nepal team was pampered with the visit of  a team of volunteers from Animal Aid Abroad Australia (AAA). The eleven enthusiastic AAA members came with the purpose of getting to know Animal Nepal better and donating lots of useful medicines and special equipment, including a microscope. More

Famous Farm adopts Star and Sidhhi

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Nuwakot, September 29, 2012 – Today rescued donkeys Star and Siddhi travelled to their new home at the Famous Farm in Nuwakot. The donkeys have been adopted by Himayalan Encounter’s farmhouse, and  joined a growing number of farm animals, including goats, chicken, ducks, and geese.

Himalayan Encounters’ Founding Director Anthony Jones had been thinking about adopting a rescued donkey for a while. When a part of the Famous Farm caught fire earlier this year, plans were made for renovations and the addition of a stable for donkeys.

The farm is an ideal place for donkeys such as Star and Siddhi, who during their working days faced much abuse. They can mingle with other farm animals, and interact with the guests of the farmhouse. After a check up by Dr Sudeep Koirala and a hoof cut by Bipin Rai the donkeys happily explored their new stables,complete with carved wooden windows…

The donkey couple is reportedly adjusting well. Animal Nepal would like to thank the management and staff of the Famous Farm for their kindness. Wishing you a happy stay in Nuwakot, Star and Siddhi!

Nine newcomers at Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary

Godavari, July 9, 2012 – Rani (Nepali for ‘Queen’) is a 15 years old, malnourished donkey who was abandoned in a brick factory when she became too thin and weak to work.  Rani is one of the nine newcomers who now receive ‘royal treatment’ at the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary. When the brick season ended last month a number of equines were abandoned or handed over to Animal Nepal.

Rani is joined by Star, a male 11 year old, who suffers from terrible saddle wounds. Another new resident is Marwari, a 14 year old male mule, whose hoofs are overgrown and suffers from malnutrition. Janet is a 15 year old blind female donkey, who finally will be allowed to stop hauling bricks.

Among the nine newcomers one also finds Rajani, a 12 year old male donkey, suffering from lameness, weakness and malnutrition. Similarly, Chang is a 14 year old female donkey whose saddle wound had become so badly infected she was oozing puss. She and Samir, a 10 year old male donkey, suffering from skin problems and malnutrition, now all will be given the best care possible, hoping they will be allowed to spend a few happy years in our sanctuary.

We also received mother donkey Rose and daughter Puffin, who were rescued by Beverly Waymark and spend two wonderful years at her residence.

Animal Nepal rented a temporary accommodation for some of the newcomers. They will move to the new sanctuary facilities once they are ready.

For an introduction of all our equine residents visit

January 22 – Health camp at Gautam Buddha Brick Factory

Today’s health camp at Gautam Buddha Brick Factory went very smoothly thanks to the active involvement of  vet students from the Himalayan College of Agriculture and Science and Technology……thank you! We treated over 35 equines, a number of whom suffered from saddle wounds, dehydration and/or skin problems.

January 18 – Brick season starts with first mobile health camp

Today we officially started our ‘brick season’ by organising a health camp at Bol Bom brick factory. Apart from deworming, vaccinating and treating the animals, we also treated the hoofs with the help of professional UK farrier Dominic McMahn.

Due to the success of the donkey convoy programme, the overall condition of the equines was better than other years (for now).  However, the conditions of child handlers seem to further deteriorate. We met and treated Raju. Raju is a mentally and physically handicapped boy who works as a donkey handler in Bol Bum brick factory. Speaking of blood bricks….Raju is virtually blind. The job is difficult and dangerous. We treated his sores but it very frustrating to leave a boy like that behind in a brick factory.

A photo essay of the camp can be watched here: 5699395700522769858rss>