Elephant safariOver 200 domesticated elephants are employed in anti poaching units and safari tourism in Nepal. Aiming to act and campaign for better conditions for both elephants and their caretakers, Animal Nepal in 2014 launched its Working Elephant Outreach Programme.

Involving authorities and tourism entrepreneurs, Animal Nepal promotes the welfare of privately owned elephants.  We conduct research and create examples of good practices.

We lobby at the national level for the introduction of welfare rules and monitoring of existing rules. We also encourage the establishment of an elephant sanctuary by government and industry.

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Project Profile

After conducting a detailed survey into privately owned elephants used in the safari industry in 2014, Animal Nepal works with a variety of stakeholders to create better conditions for working elephants. This is what we do:

1. Research – Animal Nepal conducted a welfare assessment of privately owned safari elephants called An Elephant Is Not A Machine. The survey shows that the elephants’ welfare is severely compromised. Recommendations are included to authorities, owners and mahouts.

2. Developing guidelines  – Animal Nepal educates the industry about humane conditions. Our Best Practices document is developed together with Elephant Aid International. We also develop standards for and promote ‘humane safaris‘. We closely follow the guidance of ABTA and World Animal Protection.

3. Welfare standards – Animal Nepal aims to work with government, industry and other stakeholders to create welfare standards and monitoring for captive elephants.

4. Accreditation – In order to promote professionalism and ethics in elephant tourism, Animal Nepal has introduced accreditation for Elephant Free and Elephant Friendly tourism establishments. The accreditation provides a guideline for tourists to chose a responsible destination.

5. Retirement facilities – In the absence of retirement facilities, Animal Nepal encourages government and tourism industry to create such facilities for aging elephants.



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