Some 22.500 stray dogs live inside the Ring Road of the Kathmandu Valley. Most of urban stray dogs are discarded pets, which have become sick, pregnant or developed aggressive behaviour, or the offspring of such animals. Fear of rabies has bred short-term, misinformed responses. All these factors and more have fed a complex serious stray dog problem for Nepal, which is more than ready for a humane, efficient and long-term solution.

Animal Nepal wants to bring a lasting change in the lives of Nepal’s stray dogs.

That is why we conduct an Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies (ABC/AR) programme with the help of local municipalities at the Chobar Animal Hospital. We catch, vaccinate and sterilize female dogs from the southern part of Kathmandu Valley.

We do not shelter sick or healthy dogs but we conduct mobile treatments in our working area with follow up support by community members.


  • We educate communities on stray and pet management.
  • We conduct mobile health camps as well as CNVR (Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release) clinics for pet and stray dogs
  • We treat sick or injured stray dogs in mobile clinics
  • We promote the adoption of Nepal’s beautiful, intelligent mixed breeds
  • Pet dogs are spayed and neutered at a nominal charge. Contact us if you want to sterilize your pet!

Do you like to help?

We need lots of help! You can cuddle or walk with the shelter dogs, organize education or fundraising programmes or sponsor our outreach program. Contact us to find out more!

Do you want to adopt a dog?

Nepalese mixed breeds are wonderful, loyal, strong and playful companions. Animal Nepal has launched the popular Adopt a Nepali Dog campaign to promote the adoption of rescued mixed breeds. Check out to choose your perfect pet!

Project Profile

Animal Nepal has been rescuing injured dogs since 2003. In 2009 launched a Community-Based Stray Dog Rescue & Release Programme called Kathmandu Rescue. The programme has the following objective – to create a healthy, reduced stray dog population in Kathmandu Valley through community-based education and rehabilitation care. The programme aims at evaluating the following strategies:

• Implement pilot community based Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies programmes
• Treat sick and injured dogs on the street with community support
• Set up a help line
• Provide education and preventive health care within the community
• Promote stray dog adoption

If you want to know more

Watch a documentary on Chobar Animal Sanctuary,  read the survey report Dogs of Kathmandu, Man’s Best Friend Betrayed, or meet some of the dogs that were treated by us.

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For more videos visit our Youtube channel.

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