Funky Dog Bed

Animal Nepal, in order to be able to help even more animals, has developed a small collection of unique items called ‘Sealed with a Paw”.  Most of our products  are handmade by disadvantaged women. You can buy them from our office in Dobighat or at the Farmers Mart in Jhamsikhel.

Dog Beds

Dog bed 1 - low resoThese funky dog beds are a big hit with almost every pet! The beds are produced partly at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary. We use discarded car tyres to create the bed. The cushions are made from pure cotton, using Nepalese fabric. The cushion covers can be washed at any time. The sewing is done by disadvantaged tailors.

Costs vary from Rs 1500 for a small size bed to Rs 5000 for the largest size.Dog bed largeDog bed - low reso








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