Local Volunteers

AshmaDo you live in Nepal and like to volunteer with us? We need lots of help! You can help for as little as one hour per week by walking some of the dogs at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary. Please fill out the volunteer form and email it to animalnepal@gmail.com.

Volunteer jobs:

– Dog walking and grooming at Chobar Animal Sanctuary

– Mobile education and treatment camps (fund raising, education)

– Communication (membership management, newsletter design, trainings, etc)

– Campaigning (for more information about our campaign visit http://animalnepalcampaigns.wordpress.com

Steps to take:

1. Fill out the Volunteer Form at our office or at home

2. Deposit Rs 500 at our office

3. Get a brief intro to Animal Nepal and instructions

4. Receive a certificate after one month of volunteering

For more info call Programme Manager Suraj Thapa at 9843103327

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