Overseas Volunteers

Overseas volunteer FAQ’s

LisaAre you interesting in volunteering with animals? Animal Nepal welcomes volunteers who are able to carry out the following  jobs for at least 2 months:

  • Veterinary services (only for certified vets and vet nurses)
  • Grooming and walking dogs
  • Grooming and feeding donkeys
  • Fundraising
  • School visits
  • Administrative tasks

In order to be accepted please follow the following steps: 

1. Send your CV and motivation letter to animalnepal@gmail.com

2. We send you the Volunteer Form. Please fill it out and return to us.

3. We send you the Volunteer Manual and Code of Conduct

4. If you are happy with these please deposit $ 150 € 150 on our account.

5. We  help you find a place to stay (@ € 5-7 per day) and take care of airport pick up, sim card and one day introduction

How much does it cost?

You are expected to pay for your flight, lodging and food. We provide you with lunch at our shelters on a daily basis. We also help you find a comfortable room @ Rs 500-700 (€ 5/$ 7) per night. We pick you up from the airport and offer you orientation classes and sightseeing before you start the work.

Will I get a visa?

You will qualify as a volunteer tourist. The Nepal government offers 5 months tourist visa in a year. You can apply at the Nepal Embassy or Consulate in your home country or buy one upon arrival at the airport. Bring US dollars or euros for this purpose.

What kind of support do you offer?

We provide you with a briefing before you start and a coordinator is always available to answer your questions. Although we are a small, busy team, we try our best to make you feel comfortable.

How should I prepare myself for volunteering in Nepal?

 You need to take anti-rabies and other required vaccinations in your home country.

If I am a vet should I register with the government?

Yes, you need to register with the Nepal Veterinary Council. Please bring your certificate and any official document that you have. You will be asked to pay US$ 100 to practice in Nepal.

What problems am I likely to face?

Helping animals in a country that needs volunteers such as yourself can be a very rewarding experience! Our staff are a motivated lot and the dogs and equines we treat are generally wonderful creatures.

At the same time, working here can be difficult. Kathmandu is highly polluted and suffers from a lack of water, electricity and fast internet connection. Animal suffering is abundant in Nepal; you may feel overburdened by the scale of the problems.

The facilities and care provided to the animals will not be up to Western standards. You might become attached to the animals which are returned to the street after recovery. The staff will lack skills (some are illiterate) and at times there will be communication problems.

Things you can do to make your volunteer experience a happy and fruitful one:

  • Act and dress according to Nepalese standards
  • Show commitment; inform the volunteer coordinator when you are unable to come
  • Learn Nepali; even a few basic sentences will help
  • Don’t think you know it all; working in a developing country is a different ball game!

Do you have any rules?

  • Volunteers are expected to read the Volunteer Manual before starting the work
  • Volunteers other than vets and nurses are not allowed to enter the Operation Theater or interfere with medical treatment of shelter animals
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