Regional Links…

    • Animal Welfare Network NepalNepal’s leading, united voice against animal abuse in Nepal


    • Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
      Long-established ABC program in Kathmandu –
    • Roots&Shoots (from Jane Goodall Foundation)
      Nepal’s branch of this international org preserving environment and wildlife –
    • Wildlife Action Group
      Another long-established NGO in Kathmandu preserving Nepal’s wildlife –
    • Elephant Watch Nepal
      Elephant Watch Nepal is a community of elephant lovers who are concerned about the fate of the Asian Elephant in Nepal. EWN’s main aim is to improve the protection and welfare of Nepal’s majestic elephants by conferring a higher status (as India did when it gave the elephant the National Heritage status), introducing improved legislation (including an Elephant Welfare Policy) and promoting humane conditions (including training methods) for captive elephants.
    • PETA India
      Indian branch of the International org –
  • Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)
    Innovative animal welfare organization based in Singapore.
  • Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN)
    The biggest and oldest membership-based civil society dedicated to conserving birds, their habitats and overall biodiversity
  • The Friends of the Bagmati (FOB)
    People from different walks of life who have come together through their common concern and their wish to restore the environment of the Bagmati and other rivers of Nepal.
  • The Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT)
    Non-profit established by a group of concerned river guides who recognized the ecological and cultural damage that was taking place on Nepal’s rivers, and decided to do something about that.

  • World Wildlife Fund Nepal (WWFN)
    WWF was born in 1961. Since those early days WWF has grown up to be one of the largest environmental organizations in the world. Currently there are more than 2000 WWF conservation projects underway around the world.

  • Resources Himalaya Foundation
    Has a mission to conserve the diversity of life in the Himalaya. The foundation aims to be a regional promoter of “Good Science” to facilitate “Politically Correct” decisions in the region.

  • National Trust for Nature Conservation
    Whose goal is to preserve Nepal’s natural heritage and in so doing, to achieve a high quality of human life. The Trust works closely with many international organizations.
  • Nepal Government Veterinary Service
    Expanded, improved and diversified to provide better and efficient services to farmers, pet owners and livestock industries. The Directorate of Animal Health is committed to provide preventive and laboratory services to poor people to protect their livestock animals from various diseases.

International Links…

    • International Primate Protection League (IPPL)
      Protecting primates around the globe!
    • Animal People News
      Long-established animal welfare magazine based in the USA.

    • Peta
      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – perhaps the largest animal welfare org. 

    • Vegan Outreach
      Reducing animal suffering by promoting a vegan lifestyle.

    • International Fund for Animal Welfare
      Protects wildlife and provides animal rescue around the world.

    • Humane Society International Australia
      Creating a sustainable world for all animals, including people.

    • Animal Rights Resource Site
      Great resource for even more welfare-related links!

  • WAG International
    German-based org protecting wildlife and the environment in developing countries.
  • European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA)
    Created to inform all about events in the animal-world andEVANA Logo also about developments and trends touching the vegetarian community.Great source of animal news in eight languages!

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