Building Lives: Brick by Brick!


Kathmandu, June 25, 2016- Animal Nepal’s 2015-2016_Equine Outreach Programme has finally come to an end. This season we didn’t only treated the sick and injured working animals in the brick factories but also conducted 8 community education programmes where we reached 131 donkey handlers and 21 owners.

The results were obvious. With 40% less wound than previous season, 30% less hoof problems and more than 50% decrease in other common health issues, 2015-2016 has undoubtedly become one of the best project year of all time. This was not only possible by educating the owners and handlers but also by motivating them to do their best. Want to know how?? More

Stop the Trucks ‪and Sledgehammers!


Cruel transportation of buffalo from India to Nepal.

Nimal Nepal Kathmandu, June 24, 2016– What would you do if you were packed in in a truck, tied from your nose, without water or food, for over a day, and then upon arrival got hit with a hammer by a butcher, trying to kill you with entirely outdated methods? Animal Nepal launched a campaign Stop  the trucks ‪and Sledgehammersafter another buffalo escaped from a slaughterhouse creating havoc at the capital city. The buffalo had sledgehammer marks on his forehead which clearly meant that the the animal had escaped from slaughterhouse nearby. Animal Nepal recently sent a Letter to editor The Himalayan Times against inhumane transportation and killing of buffaloes.

Our Blissful Donkey Sanctuary!

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Godavari, June, 2016- 23 gorgeous equines, beautiful location at Badikhel village and some loving vets and care takers. Yes, our Godavari Donkey Sanctuary is undeniably Blissful!

Last year we mourned the death of our 12 beloved equines from the sanctuary due to a sudden outbreak of highly contagious respiratory disease. Despite every effort from our vets we were able to save only 15 equines. The moment was extremely hard for Animal Nepal. All thanks to Animal Aid Abroad Australia who helped us build a new isolation unit for our sick and injured equines which didn’t only helped our animals recover fast but also stopped the transmission of deadly diseases in the sanctuary. The 7 newly rescued equines on October last year helped us recover the loss and turned our sanctuary into a happy place once again.

No bitter news and death stories but only love, happiness and bliss this year!

Wanna learn some interesting stories and top secrets on our 23 gorgeous equines? Here you go!!

For The People and Animals of Badikhel

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Badikhel, May 2016- With 54 sterilised and 70 vaccinated dogs, CNVR camp (Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release) at Badikhel turned out to be a big hit at the beginning of this month. 25 km from Kathmandu, Badikhel is a beautiful village at Godawari Municipality where lies our Donkey Sanctuary all green and happy with 25 lovely equines rescued from brick factories of Kathmandu Valley. First CNVR camp at Badikhel was conducted on November 2012 by Animal Nepal in cooperation of HART (Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust) where the camp sterilized 118 dogs. Second camp was a huge need for local people after dog population of the place rapidly increased and dog biting case was no new to people and us. More

Animal Nepal Worships Rescued Donkeys on World Donkey Day 2016

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Badikhel, May 8, 2016- Animal Nepal on World Donkey Day worshiped it’s 23 rescued donkeys at Godawari Donkey Sanctuary. The programme started by worshiping them with Tika, Khada and lots of healthy snacks. Some of our horses and mules like Hella, Mox, puppy and Buddy took advantage of the day and grabbed some yummy carrots and cabbage along with other donkeys. Not only the healthy one but also the sick donkeys like Batuli and Naina residing at our isolation unit were worshiped. A short workshop on the importance of Donkey was also conducted with donkey owners from brick factories of Lalitpur.  More

Animal Nepal Publishes its 2015 Annual Report

AN_AR_2015_Page_01“2015 was undoubtedly the most troubled year in the history of Animal Nepal, marked not only by natural disasters but also a blockade that led to a crisis in basic supplies, and ongoing political instability. These factors created many obstacles to our work. We have been tried and tested, and can only hope 2016 will bring much needed stability” writes Uttam Kaphle, the Executive Director, Animal Nepal.

A total of 1,052 dogs were treated under our Humane Dog Management Programme 2015. Most of the treatment cases this year were fractures and injuries including other common problems like Paralysis, CTVT and Mange. Besides, 1,350 dogs were vaccinated against rabies and parvo virus and 376 dogs were sterilised under our ABC programme. More


Vet Tech_Vacancy ad_Website_EOP_49x78mm

Animal Nepal is hiring a Vet Technician with an experience of 1 year (minimum) for our Donkey Outreach Programme. Special preference will be given to those who have worked on equine or large animals in their past and who can confidently carry out necessary treatments. A vet tech will work directly under our senior veterinarian and is also required to have a sound communication skills. More

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