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Animal Nepal is hiring a Vet Technician with an experience of 1 year (minimum) for our Donkey Outreach Programme. Special preference will be given to those who have worked on equine or large animals in their past and who can confidently carry out necessary treatments. A vet tech will work directly under our senior veterinarian and is also required to have a sound communication skills. More

AN Organizes Consultative Meeting On Animal Welfare Law Review


Kathmandu, March 31, 2016- Animal Nepal with the kind support of The Donkey Sanctuary UK conducted an successful consultative meeting on Animal Welfare Law Review. With the presence of chair person Dr. Dhan Raj Ratala, Chief guest Dr. Ram Krishna Timilsena and other high level guests from government Bodies, the Donor Agencies, related NGOs and INGOs, the meeting started at 11 am in the morning at The Bakery Café, Harihar Bhawan. More

Thank You TDSUK for your Recent Visit to Animal Nepal!

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Kathmandu, February, 2016- Animal Nepal was privileged to receive a lovely visit from the high level team of The Donkey Sanctuary UK in February 2016. We are extremely thankful to Christian Purdey, Julia Smith and Dr. Nataasha from TDSUK for making this visit every worth a while. More

If You Were A Donkey!

Lalitpur, March 2016- If you were a donkey, what would you prefer in your breakfast? To this question, Mohammat Ali, a child donkey handler at New Bhairab Brick factory answered smilingly, “Chai aur Paratha! (Tea and a bread)”. Similary, Jalau, the donkey owner wished to have sugar, green maize and barn for the breakfast. However, the situation got bit more sensitized when AN, Director Uttam Kaphle questioned them again, “So have you been giving all these delicious and nutritious food to your donkey?”


Equine Outreach Team Visit to Nepalgunj

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Nepalgunj, December 2015- Nepalgunj is an equine hub of Nepal form where traders and suppliers supply working equines in different part of the nation. Traders purchase equines from animal festivals of India and brought to Nepalgunj. Many people comes to Nepalgunj during December of each year to buy equines. Usually horses and mules sent to hill/mountain region of Nepal to carry loads. Horses and mules are also used in brick kiln. Similarly donkeys sent to different part of Terai and Kathmandu valley to carry bricks to and fro brick kiln.


40 Dogs Spayed on World Spay Day 2016!

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Chapagaun, Lalitpur, February 23, 2016- Longer lives, improved health, better behavior and controlled population. These are some of those countless benefits of spaying and neutering dogs. It has also been proven that spaying and neutering is the only solution to everyday abuse and suffering of dogs who struggles to live on street.

Animal Nepal in coordination with Vajra Varahi, local clinic of Chapagaun conducted a spay/Neuter camp this World Spay Day with the aim of sterilizing 30 dogs from the area. The two days camp conducted on February 22 and 23 sterilized 16 dogs on first day and remaining dogs on second day.


Getting to know the mountain mules of Nepal

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Gorkha/ Kathmandu – Although their numbers are decreasing, much of the transportation in the mountains of Nepal is still carried out by mules. In order to find out what their welfare conditions look like after the earthquake, Animal Nepal, with the support of Donkey Sanctuary UK (DSUK), has started rapid Assessment of Mountain Mules. Besides a lack of medical support, the main welfare problems identified are a lack of appropriate feed, water, shelter, vaccination programmes and a poor understanding of animal welfare. As a result mountain mules suffer from various medical conditions including preventable wounds, lameness, colic, injuries and communicable diseases.


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