ARV Camp at Swyambhunath Vaccinates 130 Dogs!

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Animal Nepal team vaccinated no less than 130 dogs at Swyambhunath area at the end of July 2016. Swayambhunath area located in the heart of Kathmandu valley is also a world heritage site of Nepal and popular destination for travelers both locals and foreigners. Being a popular destination for followers of Buddhism and Hinduism, the increasing number of animals living in this holy shrine needs to be protected. With the help of such activities, we also aim to develop future strategies of including Swyambhu into our Annual programme.

Animal Nepal plans to conduct a pilot Animal Birth Control (ABC) program at Swyambhunath and Shova Bhagwati area at the end of year 2016, where we plan to vaccinate and sterilize at least 100 stray dogs of the area, carry out community awareness raising activities, create a happy and healthy environment for both animals, locals and tourists at Swyambhunath.


Animal Nepal Organises Multi-Stake holder Meeting at Gorkha Regarding Welfare of Mountain Mules

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Gorkha, July, 2016– “There are at least 500 mules working in Gorkha district and 36 of them died this year due to narrow landscape, especially after the earthquake and landslide. Few equines broke their legs in the journey and since there is no any medical facilities available for them, some of them were thrown alive in the river as they can walk and work no more”, says Dhan Kumar Gurung, Secretary of Mule Management Committee, Gorkha District.

Gorkha district of Nepal, especially in the northern part there is no access to roads and transportation facilities. Hence, Mountain mules still remains the main source of transportation and income for the local people. But the earthquake and heavy rainfall has made the walking route of Gorkha even worse. On top of that, overall conditions including health, shelter and working hours of mules are often compromised and they are made to over work in extreme conditions with no proper treatment facilities. More

Animal Nepal Publishes it’s Report on National and International Legal Instrument Addressing Animal Welfare in Nepal

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Kathmandu, August, 2016– Animal Nepal today published a report on “National and International Legal Instruments Addressing Animal Welfare in Nepal”, a study on the legal instruments that address animal welfare in Nepal.

In response to the perplexing legal situation regarding animal welfare in Nepal, Animal Nepal decided to conduct the study which aims to identify the relevant legal instruments and provisions at national and international level. The study will also identify the responsible bodies, as prescribed by law, to mitigate cases of animal abuse and to ensure animal welfare.  It examines the weaknesses of the national legal instruments as well as the gap between national and international laws in respect to animal welfare.  The study intends to provide clarity regarding the provisions addressing animal welfare in Nepal; it intends to elucidate the compatibility, or the incompatibility for that matter, between national and international law addressing animal welfare.


111 Dogs Vaccinated at Chobar village and Jalbinayak camp!

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Kathmandu, July, 2016– As part of our annual vaccination programme, this quarter our team vaccinated 66 dogs at Chobar village and 45 dogs at Jalbinayak, Manjushree Park Chobar. Our “Chobar Rabies Free” camp was organized with the objective of providing vaccination to all dogs at Chobar. The team was supported by an enthusiastic group of children and a number of adults. Besides vaccinating 111 dogs from these areas, many dogs were treated against the skin diseases. After we welcomed 2 dedicated vet technicians this July to be part of our team, our vaccination camp became very successful. Animal Nepal would also like to thank the local people of Chobar who were so caring towards their community animals and very much supportive towards our programme. Thank you team and thank you Chobar. See you next year!

Building Lives: Brick by Brick!


Kathmandu, June 25, 2016- Animal Nepal’s 2015-2016_Equine Outreach Programme has finally come to an end. This season we didn’t only treated the sick and injured working animals in the brick factories but also conducted 8 community education programmes where we reached 131 donkey handlers and 21 owners.

The results were obvious. With 40% less wound than previous season, 30% less hoof problems and more than 50% decrease in other common health issues, 2015-2016 has undoubtedly become one of the best project year of all time. This was not only possible by educating the owners and handlers but also by motivating them to do their best. Want to know how?? More

Stop the Trucks ‪and Sledgehammers!


Cruel transportation of buffalo from India to Nepal.

Nimal Nepal Kathmandu, June 24, 2016– What would you do if you were packed in in a truck, tied from your nose, without water or food, for over a day, and then upon arrival got hit with a hammer by a butcher, trying to kill you with entirely outdated methods? Animal Nepal launched a campaign Stop  the trucks ‪and Sledgehammersafter another buffalo escaped from a slaughterhouse creating havoc at the capital city. The buffalo had sledgehammer marks on his forehead which clearly meant that the the animal had escaped from slaughterhouse nearby. Animal Nepal recently sent a Letter to editor The Himalayan Times against inhumane transportation and killing of buffaloes.

Our Blissful Donkey Sanctuary!

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Godavari, June, 2016- 23 gorgeous equines, beautiful location at Badikhel village and some loving vets and care takers. Yes, our Godavari Donkey Sanctuary is undeniably Blissful!

Last year we mourned the death of our 12 beloved equines from the sanctuary due to a sudden outbreak of highly contagious respiratory disease. Despite every effort from our vets we were able to save only 15 equines. The moment was extremely hard for Animal Nepal. All thanks to Animal Aid Abroad Australia who helped us build a new isolation unit for our sick and injured equines which didn’t only helped our animals recover fast but also stopped the transmission of deadly diseases in the sanctuary. The 7 newly rescued equines on October last year helped us recover the loss and turned our sanctuary into a happy place once again.

No bitter news and death stories but only love, happiness and bliss this year!

Wanna learn some interesting stories and top secrets on our 23 gorgeous equines? Here you go!!

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