Tika, Mala & Some Woofs in Return!

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Kathmandu, November 10, 2015– The most awaited day of the year “Kukur Tihar” finally arrived as a beautiful moment in our gloomy crisis days. Animal Nepal this year too invited dog lovers to worship rescued canines at its Chobar Animal Hospital. And to our surprise we witnessed good numbers of dog lovers despite of vehicle and fuel crisis due to an ongoing blockade.

The Kukur Tihar programme started with a lovely speech from AN’s Founder President Pramada Shah who expressed her deep concern about pet abandonment. We were delighted to see people bringing their kids who had some curious eyes for our shelter dogs. Followed by a pleasing thank you speech from our Director Uttam Kafle, finally it was time to worship our dogs who were loosing their patience over yummy breads and eggs. Visitors offered blessings with tika and mala to our rescued dogs.  More

Animal Nepal speaks out against wildlife gifting

rhinoAnimal Nepal has requested the government of Nepal not to reintroduce the practice of gifting live animals to other countries. In letters to the Minister and Director General, Animal Nepal notes that using wildlife as ‘diplomatic gifts’ reduces animals to objects and leads to animal suffering.

“With animal welfare being high on the agenda around the world, wildlife gifting generally no longer is an appreciated diplomatic gesture,” writes Animal Nepal’s President Pramada Shah.


Animal Nepal launches The Vegan Challenge


Are you thinking about joining our Vegan Challenge?

Congratulations! You just took an important first step towards trying a plant-based diet! Because ‘a thought’ is what it takes to become a vegan. And if you’re thinking that it’s impossible to live without animal products, let us tell you a secret. Going vegan is not as hard as you think it is.  And we promise that you are going to feel healthier, lighter and happier than ever. This decision will not only have a positive effect on you but on many other lives as well.

“Live, Love, Woof and TAKE A SELFIE” World Animal Day 2015!

12107827_10153329250359480_436292583908383442_nEach year 4th October is celebrated as World Animal Day! Animal Nepal organizes fun and educative programmes every year on this day to recognise the positive influence animals make on our lives and this year we decided to go out and do something fun and positive!

We called out for “Me & My Best Friend” selfie contest where animal lovers could send their lovely selfies with their dearest furry friends and get a chance to win exiting treats and gift hampers for their favourite animal companion.

The purpose of the contest was to cherish the most important relationship of human and animal by doing something fun and highlighting their friendship and their importance.  More

“End Rabies Together” on World Rabies Day 2015

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Patan, September 28, 2014–  As part of our each year programme on World Rabies Day, Animal Nepal this year too vaccinated 86 dogs with anti-rabies vaccination from different wards surrounding Patan Durbar Square. Each year AN conducts vaccination camp at Patan Durbar Square premises which continued this year too. Our aim is to turn the Patan’s Durbar Square into a rabies free ‘zone’ which is a World Heritage Site adorned with beautiful temples and home to countless stray dogs.

Last year our vaccination camp had vaccinated more than 50 dogs from the Patan area. And as part of our vaccination programme we also managed to inform and educate the locals about the importance of Anti rabies vaccination. They received education materials and information about the rabies virus. Through our humane dog management programme and events such as World Rabies Day Animal Nepal hopes to bring a lasting change in the lives of Nepal’s strays.

Happily Ever After!

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Kathmandu, September 11, 2015 – Our most talked-about 3-legged earthquake survivor Siddhi finally found a home we so desperately wanted for her. “Ama Ghar” located in the midst of greenery which has been providing home for underprivileged children of Nepal welcomed Siddhi to its family of more than 50 children.

Siddhi, was rescued by Animal Nepal from the rubble of a building three weeks after the earthquake. She lost a leg in the process. But otherwise, she is happy and healthy – a loving new pet for the children, who were overjoyed to welcome her because they lost their young white dog Seti earlier this year. As you can see by the photos, Siddhi is enjoying all the attention and the children are so kind and sweet to her – this promises to be a wonderful relationship and a good ending for all. More

Animal Nepal: Don’t construct roads or railways inside Chitwan National Park

Railway chitwanAnimal Nepal today relaunched its campaign against road and railway construction inside Chitwan National Park. The organisations strongly opposes the construction of an East West Railway, Terai Hulaki Highway and feeder roads inside the park and through the Chure hills. “Chitwan is a unique protected heritage site that has taken us forty years to develop. The government has no right to destroy its habitat in the name of development,” says Animal Nepal.

Nepal’s government announced its plans to construct a Terai Hulaki Highway and East-West Electric Railway in Terai, cutting through Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage, in July 2013.

The projects threaten tourism and decades of conservation that has rescued the tiger and rhino from the brink of extinction.


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